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IV Therapy

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What Makes Us Different than "Cookie Cutter" IV Clinics?

At Renew Health & Wellness, we customize all our drips to the patient's needs. Not only do we offer the generic IV therapies you may see at a local clinic, but we can also set an IV completely tailored to you. Sometimes patients need the flexibility to customize their IV therapy instead of ordering from a fast-food type of menu options you may see at an IV clinic. Whether you need more Vitamin C, or simply need something set up to achieve your goals, Renew has the IV solution for you.

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, is the process of administering fluids, medications, or vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Why is this approach more effective than consumption? Your body can absorb IV fluids to rehydrate more quickly than drinking plain water. It can also absorb more vitamins while experiencing fewer side effects than ingested oral supplements. In other words, IV therapy can help you feel much better much faster!

What to Expect: IV Therapy at Renew Health & Wellness

While you might associate IVs with a hospital, you can enjoy all the benefits of IV therapy in an outpatient clinical setting at Renew Health & Wellness.

Our clinicians will customize your IV solution based on your goals. After discussing your overall wellness, we will prepare an IV therapy bag with the right vitamins and nutrients for your specific needs! Our caring medical staff will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed while administering your IV with the utmost care. We will answer any questions you may have and help you feel at ease to create an enjoyable experience.

Whether you’d like an energy boost from B-complex vitamins or simply wish to rehydrate your body and replenish its electrolytes, IV therapy from Renew Health & Wellness will help you achieve peak wellness and performance!

What Are Some of the Benefits of IV Therapy?

  • Can Address Some Nutrient Deficiencies
  • May Help Flush Toxins from Your Body
  • Can Increases Energy Levels
  • Can Address Dehydration Quickly
  • May Allow Your Body to Absorb Vitamins without Negative Side Effects
  • And More!

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