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Mobile IV Drip Therapy in Concord, NC

At Renew Specialty Group, we customize all our drips to the patient's needs. Not only do we offer the generic IV therapies you may see at a local clinic, but we can also set an IV completely tailored to you. Sometimes patients need the flexibility to customize their IV therapy instead of ordering from a fast-food type of menu options you may see at an IV clinic. We even offer mobile IV solutions. If you're sick or feeling down and don't want to travel, we will come to you! Whether you need more Vitamin C, or simply need something set up to achieve your goals, Renew has the IV solution for you.

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy, also known as IV therapy, involves the direct administration of fluids, medications, or vitamins into the bloodstream. This method proves more effective than oral consumption as IV fluids facilitate rapid rehydration compared to plain water intake. Additionally, the absorption of vitamins through IV therapy minimizes side effects when compared to orally ingested supplements, ultimately contributing to a faster and more effective improvement in one's well-being.

What to expect: IV Therapy at Renew Specialty Group

Experience the full spectrum of IV therapy benefits at Renew Health & Wellness, where our outpatient clinical setting redefines the conventional association of IVs with hospitals. For added convenience, our mobile IV therapy services extend to your home or workplace.

Our medical team will tailor your IV solution after a comprehensive discussion about your overall wellness goals. Next, a precisely calibrated IV therapy bag, containing the right vitamins and nutrients for your specific needs, is prepared. Our caring staff prioritizes your comfort and relaxation during the IV administration.

Whether seeking an energy boost from B-complex vitamins or desiring comprehensive rehydration with electrolyte replenishment, Renew Specialty Group's IV therapy is your pathway to achieving optimal wellness and performance.

What Are Some of the Benefits of IV Therapy?

Myer's Cocktail

Recognizing that a personalized IV may not be the preference for every patient, we provide alternative options such as Myer's Cocktail and other pre-formulated IV therapies. Ideal for times of illness, inflammation, or body discomfort, Myer's Cocktail proves beneficial. This curated blend is particularly suitable for individuals dealing with autoimmune conditions or allergies.

Myer's Cocktail Includes:See All IV Therapies

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